Anuskha’s Kitchen

For me, food has no language, and it’s a joy I embraced moving to Australia nearly 20 years ago. Relying on food channels when I arrived, I realised I could follow the necessary ingredients and steps in a recipe, without understanding the language.Determined to embrace the lifestyle change, I later went to language school and completed a small business management course to improve my skills.The work paid off, and I remained busy over the years with both my own optometry practice and a coffee shop near home.

Throughout those years, my love for cooking & baking never left my side. That’s why when I sold my optometry business, the first thing I decided to do was apply to Masterchef Australia 2019. This was something completely out of my comfort zone, but I’m glad I went through with it and I ended up being the oldest person to have made it to finals week. The Masterchef experience gave me a new direction in life and a clarity of what I would like to do, which is to combine my love of education and cooking. Cooking & baking has been very therapeutic for me. It had helped me fight my depression many years ago and today it continues to be a creative outlet for me.

The journey continues, as I embark on towards achieving my food dream, to open up a cooking school. The school will be open to the general public and everyone will be welcomed. The school will also focus on using cooking & baking as a form of therapy for mental health issues, especially that which are food related. When we are in distress we usually either turn to food or turn away from food. If food has so much power over our feelings & emotions, it can also definitely be part of the cure.

So join me as I work towards making my dream a reality.